Purchase contract

1. General provisions

The present Purchase Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) shall be a document governing mutual rights, duties and liabilities of the Purchaser who simultaneously is a representative of all passengers to whom tickets are purchased (hereinafter referred to as the Purchaser) and UAB Kautra who simultaneously is a representative of all carriers whose tickets are offered for sale online (hereinafter referred to as the Seller) in purchasing tickets at the website www.autobusubilietai.lt (hereinafter referred to as E- store).

2. Making of the Purchase and Sale Agreement

2.1. The Agreement shall be made by the Purchaser and the Seller as soon as the Purchaser signs the Agreement by clicking on ‘Buy’ to confirm purchase of the selected tickets. Immediately after clicking the button, the Purchaser shall be directed to e-banking system form making payment.

2.2. Every Agreement made by the Seller and the Purchaser shall be kept with e-store.


3. The Purchaser is entitled to:

3.1. Buy tickets within the procedure defined in this Agreement.

3.2. Travel on busses between the departure and destination station specified on the ticket within the defined time limits and on the specified route. Every paid ticket shall be included into the passengers list and submitted to the bus crew.

3.3. Return the tickets within the provisions laid down in the article 7 hereof.

3.4. Change the date of travelling. Only up to five changes are permitted.

3.5. File a complaint with the administration of the e-store within 7 calendar days following a particular occurrence. One can find contacts of the administration on the website under the heading ‘Contacts’.

3.6. Carry free of charge one cabin luggage up to maximum 5 kg and one luggage up to 200 cm (sum of height, width and length) and 25 kg in the baggage compartment.


4. The Purchaser undertakes:

4.1. To abide and follow the present rules of purchase while buying a ticket.

4.2. To properly disclose all the required data for the e-store.

4.3. To properly select discounts applicable to the tickets. Only a passenger holding a particular certificate or other document entitling him (her) to reduced price tickets may use the ticket bought for a reduced price. It is NOT PERMITTED to pay the balance up to full price of the ticket purchased for the reduced price.

4.4. To pay for the tickets within 30 minutes since entering to e-banking system.

4.5. To print out the ticket and retain it throughout the trip.

4.6. To show the ticket, ID document and other documents entitling to reduced price tickets to the driver on entering the bus. It is required to retain all these documents throughout the trip and show them to control officers on request.

4.7. To occupy a seat specified on the ticket or by the bus crew.

4.8. For international routes, to give a voucher to your destination or a return voucher (in case of a round trip) to the bus crew and retain a passenger’s voucher throughout the trip.

4.9. To book a seat on the e-store for a return trip if the ticket provides for an open return date.


5. The Seller is entitled to:

5.1. Temporarily or permanently discontinue operation of the e-store if circumstances require doing so without notifying the Purchaser about it.

5.2. To unilaterally modify provisions of the present rules.

5.3. To cancel temporary booking of the tickets if the Purchaser fails to pay for the tickets within the time limits laid down in the article 4.4.

5.4. To restrict or suspend the Purchaser’s entitlement to use the e-store or, in exclusive circumstances, cancel the Purchaser’s registration without notifying about it in advance, if the Purchaser makes attempts to impair the store’s operations or fluent functioning.

5.5. To refrain from carrying passengers with reduced tickets on the bus if they fail to show a particular document. It is NOT PERMITTED to pay the balance up to full price of the ticket purchased for the reduced price.


6. The Seller undertakes:

6.1. To enable the Purchaser to properly use the e-store.

6.2. To provide tickets and enter those into the passengers list upon proper fulfilment of the terms and conditions laid down in the article 4.4.

6.3. To ensure that every passenger will be entitled to transportation service if the ticket is on the passengers list.  Every paid for ticket shall be included into the passengers list and submitted to the bus crew. 


7. Return of the tickets

7.1. Tickets can be return on the e-store only.

7.2. Refund shall be returned to the payer’s bank account within 5 business days. Terms and conditions of the tickets return:

7.3.1.In case of a trip cancellation before termination of the tickets sale for a particular voyage 80% of the ticket price will be refunded.

7.3.2.In case of a trip cancellation after termination of the tickets sale for a particular voyage the Purchaser is entitled to return the ticket by placing an on-line application. The application shall be subject to satisfaction only if the passenger was unable to travel due to the carrier’s fault, accident or disease. Decision on refund of the price shall be adopted on a case-by-case basis.

7.3.3. For round trip tickets, full ticket or return ticket shall be subject for refund.

7.3.4. For return tickets, 80% of the return ticket price shall be refunded (return ticket price is equal to the round trip ticket price after deducting one way ticket price).
7.4. Promotional tickets, which are purchased under the sign „Promo“, are being sold under special conditions – they are neither amendable nor refundable.


8. Liability

8.1. The Purchaser is fully liable for correctness of the disclosed information. If the Purchaser fails to provide accurate data on the registration form, the Seller shall not be liable for any possible consequences.

8.2. The Purchaser shall be liable for all operations on the e-store.

8.3. In case of any damages, the guilty party shall compensate the other party’s losses within the procedure provided for in the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania.


9. Information delivery

9.1. The Seller shall deliver all the notifications to the Purchaser’s email.

9.2. The Purchaser shall deliver all notifications and enquiries to the Seller’s address or email specified in the e-store under the heading ‘Contacts’.


10. Miscellaneous

10.1. Legislation of the Republic of Lithuania shall apply to the present rules. Any disputes arising out of the present rules shall be handled by way of negotiations. In case of failure to come to an agreement, the disputes shall be handled by the way set forth by the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.