• Paid ticket is automatically added to the list of passengers of the bus. The right of travel gives only ticket, that is included in the list of passengers. 
  • Number of occupied seats in bus is constantly changing, so only 30 minutes is given for the payment procedure. 
  • Preferential ticket is available only for passenger who has the appropriate certificate or other document granting the right.


  • How can I return ticket?

    After purchasing tickets online, you can return them online only, by login to your account. All conditions of ticket return are indicated in the purchase contract.

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  • How do I get my ticket?

    You have to print ticket by yourself. You can print it right after purchase or you can do it later - login to your account and choose which ticket you want print. 

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  • If I forgot my password?

    You can use link "Forgot password?"  that you can find in login form (top of the page).

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  • Where I can find purchase contract?

    You can find purchase contract every time you buy your ticket - in the "Payment"  step, right next to "Purchase"  button.

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  • How can I change the time/date of my trip?

    If you want to change time and date of your trip please write as an email info@autobusubilietai.lt and we will change it for you. 

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