Take a "Žalgiris" bus!

Žalgirio maršrutas

Travelling from Kaunas to Klaipėda, Palanga, Vilnius or back? Do not miss the chance to take Žalgiris bus, carrying your favourite players to matches.

You can have the seats of Paulius Jankūnas or Martynas Pocius, or the seats recently occupied by Mantas Kalnietis and Marko Popovič – the favourites of Žalgiris fans.

Just look at this bus, it radiates Žalgiris spirit. The bus of the Lithuanian champions, decorated in new design livery, greets you with the text "Be Žalgiris". This is not a mere slogan once again demonstrating that Žalgiris belongs to us all. This is also an opportunity for every passenger to identify themselves with the best Lithuanian team.

The bus has wireless internet. During the tour you can enjoy the best moments from Žalgiris tournaments on the video. You can purchase Žalgiris team symbolic and become a honorary Kaunas Žalgiris team member on the bus – just ask the driver. 

Žalgiris bus takes different routes every day. Follow the information. Žalgiris coach is marked in the route information.

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