How to buy?

It is easy to buy tickets at See for yourself.

Choose where to travel

Firstly, select whether you want to travel in Lithuania or by international lines, one way or with return. Enter departure and arrival stops, select travel date on calender or from the selection list. After entering first 3 letters of a bus stop name you will get a list of stops. By clicking Continue button you will get a list of available trips.

Trip selection

All available trips are listed. All information is actual and real, takingweek-ends, holiday changes into account. You can only buy those tickets which prices are shown and which can be selected. Click Choose near desired trip.

By clicking a name of a specific trip you will get trip schedule.

If you wish to specify the search or find another trip, you can use a form on the left page side instead of going back to the homepage.

Entering passenger details

After trip selection you are forwarded to passenger details entering. Select a number of tickets from the list. Enter the following information of each passenger: name, surname (family name) and select correct discount, if applicable.

System users who have been buying tickets before or who are registered users, can log-in, whereas, non-registered users can choose between register or continue without registration. Registered users can review all purchased tickets at one place, administer them more easily.

Data confirmation and payment mode selection

Make sure that trip and passenger details are correct. If you have a gift coupon, you can use it here: enter its number and click Get discount.

Select payment mode and mark Agreement box after reading it.

After paying the tickets you will receive an e-mail with confirmation and will have to print your tickets.